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Q: Where are your products manufactured?
A: We manufacture in the USA, Europe and China. Our wood furniture and toys are manufactured in China. Our art supplies (colorful markers, finger paints, hexagon color pencils, poster paints, triangle crayons, hexagon crayons, triangular color pencils, and playfully creative dough) are produced in Europe. The P’kolino Little Reader is primarily produced in the United States. The foam, foam cutting, foam assembly, packaging, and upholstering are done in the USA. The covers are sewn in China

Q: Are any of your products eco-friendly and/or organic?
A: We make every effort to reduce our impact on the environment by efficiently using all raw materials, minimizing inorganic compound usage and by creating products that last. Recently we even partnered with Loll Group in an effort to bring recycled material to high end outdoor furniture products. However, we do not market our products as eco-friendly or organic. We believe these claims are overstated by many and that it should be held to a higher standard. If you are making purchasing decisions solely on a products environmental impact we encourage you to do your own research as there is a lot of misinformation out there. Several of our products do have strong ecological messages (beyond those listed above). For example,any of our toys use Rubber Wood which are a byproduct of the rubber production process and the wood in our pencils and toys comes from managed forestry resources. Additionally, all of our products meet or exceed US, European, and Canadian safety standards which among other things measure the amount of chemical levels in products.

Q: What do I do if my furniture piece has a strong odor/smell after taking it out of the box?
A: The smell may come from the product or the packaging. First step is to remove the packaging from the area. If the smell is determined to be coming from the product please allow it 48 hours to air out, outside of its original packaging. If the smell has not subsided after the allotted time, please contact customer care.

For all other questions contact customer care