Toddler Halloween Safety Tips

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It is no doubt a little angel who wears the costume of a fairy and looks very beautiful and makes the day for the parents, but it is the duty of the parents to ensure that the little kid is comfortable and does not feel suffocated in the costume. Little kids are sensitive and you can not expect them to wear scary costumes as they themselves might get frightened upon seeing other kids wearing these costumes. Ensuring good Toddler Halloween Safety Tips will help make your toddlers’ Halloween accident-free.

The day is also an occasion when the toddlers and kids wear various costumes which are sometimes scary and very funny. Older children, who have some experience from their previous Halloween, are eager to make their little brothers and sisters wear new costumes which are icing on the cake as far as these toddlers are concerned.

Costume Tips

Ensure certain costumes fit adequately and won't pull on the floor, causing a stumbling threat.

Stick a couple of bits of reflective tape on every costume, so they're more convenient to see in the night. This tape is attainable at numerous accessory, sporting products, and bike shops.

Talk to your child to bring a torch, and to make use of it when wandering in the night.

Don't let your child put on costume footwears (or a father and mother's footwear).

Look for add-ons that are comfy, adjustable and don't present a risk to others.

Decide on face makeup and paint, instead of a mask, which can limit eyesight.

Always stay away from toddler costumes that are made from a material that is inflammable as there are bonfires usually on Halloween. Give him some moments of happiness as he is most happy when he wears a costume that makes him the center of attraction around the house.


Toddlers have some favorite characters that they watch on TV and in comics such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Superman, Spiderman, Ninja Hattori and many other cartoon characters. When they see them on TV and tend to get involved in the fantasy world of these cartoons, they get excited. These costumes are easily available in the market and they come in all sizes and shapes so it would not be difficult to find one that fits well and looks beautiful on your toddler.


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