Mess Eaters: Cube Shelf Storage Bin

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The major reason why i sell children toys and furniture(mostly) is the struggle i face when trying to purchase them for my children. It is awful and i dread going from store to store shopping for them. Then i told myself ' why don't i have a store online where parents can just choose what their children need'. This brought about the birth of I am hoping that based on feedback from my customers, i can add more products. Below is one of the problems that i had which i solved by getting my kid the mess eater storage bin.

One of my greatest struggles with my toddlers is having them pick up their toys. For some reason my son thinks it is funny to scatter them everywhere, then comes running to me saying 'there is a mess in my room'. It always cracks me up, but i try to hold it in. I don't want him thinking it is normal to mess up his room.

I tried getting him to clean them up several times but he wouldn't. I needed to get samples for my products to make sure they meet the needs they are intended for. I ordered the mess eater cube shelf storage  bin from the manufacture and my kid loves it. The image on the front just makes him laugh. I even have a video of him cleaning up his room. 

I hope that every child that gets the mess eater will have as much fun with it as my son does.


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