Back To School Tips For Parents

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 Summer is ending fast and kids are almost ready for back to school. This period of the year can be intense for many parents because they have to pay attention to their kids' worries and demands alongside with their own daily life activities.

To aid kids get ready for back to school physically, parents can make a list of tasks. Some of the tasks are given below and can be helpful for parents to build their own list.

  1. To go to and from school, kids use some type of transportation. Make certain of the kids' safety on the way to school. If you drop off and pick up your kids, make sure the car seats are ready. If kids walk or ride a bike choose a path to school with least motor vehicle traffic and maximum pedestrian traffic.
  2. Ask kids to avoid physically dangerous activities during last weeks of summer break. This way they can avoid physical injury.
  3. For young kids choose a proper backpack. Many of us don't care about the kids' back pack but a wrong type of back pack can cause muscle strains. Use a back pack with two strips which can be hanged uniformly over the kid's back.
  4. Review for any due immunizations for your kids and if they are due, visit your doctor to update them.
  5. The last tip is not only for summer but it is suitable all the occasions. Encourage your kids to eat fruit and greens and exercise a lot. Talk with them to avoid junk food items as it can make them sick before starting the new school year. Urge them to stop playing video games for now.

Above are the general tips, parents can add to their list of tasks for sending their kids back to school physically healthy.

Keeping above tips in mind, the other most important concern for parents is to prepare the kids emotionally or mentally for the new school year. Similarly, the following are key tips parents can add to their list of tasks to help kids to go back to school happily and joyfully.

  1. Many kids have really enjoyed the summer freedom and don't like to go back to school. If this is the case, parents have to listen to kids and if they have a strong relationship with the children, they can change this anxiety to joy easily. Parents can give their own examples, how did they manage the back to school. Assure kids that they are not alone. Everybody including other parents, teachers and other kids feel the same way.
  2. Kids need tons of school supplies and clothing for the new school year. New clothing, school supplies and shoes shopping can keep the parents busy for a time. Some parents can put away some unnecessary tasks for a bit because they need to pay attention to their kids. Listen to their worries, demands and fears, and trust me, many of these problems are real. Don't just ignore their problems and questions.
  3. The most effective thing to make your kids strong emotionally is to expose your kid(s) to a faith. A faith you believe in, your ancestors believed in. Set an example and take them to a church, a temple, a mosque or a gurudwara, wherever you have belief. Pray there with your kids.
  4. Keep kids engaged in some kind of physical action which also helps them to set their emotions and keeping them healthy mentally. This can be a dance class, some yoga class or gymnastics.
  5. Reassure your kids that they'll do great in the new school year. If they have classmate or friends, encourage them to reconnect with them.
  6. If possible, help your kids to review the previous year study skills. This can help kids reconnect with studies and refresh their memory of the learned topics. This is also important because many subjects such as mathematics and language arts build over the skills learned in the lower grades.
  7. Keep yourself strong and be a role model for your kids. If kids see their parents so nervous about back to school, parents are getting angry if kids want to talk to them; this certainly creates anxiety in kids, avoid it. Stay calm and happy during this time and help the kids most by listening to their questions, worries and demands.

Lastly, the period of going back to school can be very hard for many parents. But parents should see it as a challenge and not an obstacle to enable them overcome it bravely. This can help kids start a great new academic year.

Do you have any tips on how you manage your kids' school year?


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